Dark Souls Lore Rambling

So, I’ve been beating around thoughts in my head about the lore of Dark Souls, specifically stuff involving the aforementioned Dark Soul.

In the opening cinematic for the first game, it mentions how everything was unformed and mists were everywhere then came fire along with the Souls found within the Dark. Four names being noted; Gravelord Nito, Lord of Cinder Gwen, The Witch of Izalith, and the Furtive Pygmy. I believe there are four Great Souls, one representing Life, Death, Light and Dark from the opening cinematic mentioning everything that came from Fire being born.

I think there were at least the four because in the progress of the game, you have to gather souls for the Lordvessel, one from the Witch of Izalith(Bed of Chaos), Seathe the Scaleless(A lord soul given to him by Gwen), Gravelord Nito(Self explanatory), and the Four Kings(Another soul given by Gwen). That being said I believe the souls are returned into the world for the next cycle since they are only used to open the way to the kiln. Now, if you haven’t noticed, the fourth soul was not accounted for, the one I believe to be the Dark Soul, the one that went to the furtive pygmy.

I want to especially mention the Dark Soul because I believe it went to the pygmy who would become Manus, Father of the Abyss. I believe this to be a major plot point because even in his death, pieces of him broke off into daughters of the abyss, four of which you meet in all of Dark Souls 2. Deducing Manus got the Dark Soul, I believe Nito got the Death Soul, Witch got Life and Gwen got Light. This does bring up the interesting thought of what part do these other souls play since the Dark Soul plays a big part in the final DLC for Dark Souls 3 in the Ringed City.

I don’t know what it all means and there’s plenty to speculate since there’s no telling how big the Dark Souls world is, especially with each game playing as a different kind of being(Hollowed/Cursed/Ashen) and the use of different ways of restoration(Humanity/Human Effigy/Ember). I even think that Bloodborne and possibly even Demon’s Souls being connected in some way, more so on Bloodborne and the pillars you see from the Hunter’s Dream being other Archtrees.

Either way, fun to speculate and maybe even being poking in the right direction. Would love to hear other speculations and thoughts on the series.


6 thoughts on “Dark Souls Lore Rambling

  1. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Souls games, but it has always astonished me how deep the lore of the universe is. I mean, there are entire YouTube channels dedicated to this stuff.


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