The Dark Tower Movie…

Hey Everyone,

As everyone has probably seen, they released the trailer for the Dark Tower movie and boy, I’m already conflicted because this is my all time favorite series. My biggest issue is I’ve seen already is that it feels like its cramming several books into one movie. Not a huge fan of the more modern setting especially since the story takes place prominently in Mid-World and given it looks like it’s just going to be pulling Roland into modern day New York feels wrong. I do have hope however for one thing. Rather than it be a retelling of the books, let it be a continuation from the last book, let it be the next cycle of Ka but that hinges on if he has the Horn of Eld. That’s hoping for a lot but I’m willing to give them a chance, it looks good but it feels off. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights


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