My Top 5-ish Games

Hey Everyone, After a long hiatus of dealing with life, I’ve had a couple of ideas I’ve wanted to write down finally come to fruition in my head. I’ve given this a lot of thought and want to talk about my top five(ish) games that I’ve played. I put the ish because there’s technically seven […]

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New challenge ahead

Over the weekend, I was put on the spot to finally run my first tabletop game, specifically Mutants and Masterminds, the superhero version of Dungeons and Dragons. That being said, I wasn’t sure what kind of campaign to run until one of my friends mentioned his idea. I’m going to try running a Dark Tower […]

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Dark Souls Lore Rambling

So, I’ve been beating around thoughts in my head about the lore of Dark Souls, specifically stuff involving the aforementioned Dark Soul. In the opening cinematic for the first game, it mentions how everything was unformed and mists were everywhere then came fire along with the Souls found within the Dark. Four names being noted; […]

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The Dark Tower Movie…

Hey Everyone, As everyone has probably seen, they released the trailer for the Dark Tower movie and boy, I’m already conflicted because this is my all time favorite series. My biggest issue is I’ve seen already is that it feels like its cramming several books into one movie. Not a huge fan of the more […]

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